When you visit Venice you will be delighted by the variety of shops and boutiques you will encounter. If you love quality shopping, Venice is definitely a destination to visit.

Once you purchase a product, you will pay taxes included in the purchase price. Italy applies an abbreviated value added tax commonly known as VAT. What is known throughout the Anglo-Saxon world as VAT.  In Italy VAT has a value of 22%.  If you are a non-European visitor you will most likely be able to get a refund, details here.

Once you have purchased a product, ask for an invoice.  Before payment, inform the shop of your wish to claim tax relief, and they will issue an invoice for your request. Tax relief can be claimed at the airport or in your home country. The amount of tax relief requested must be higher than 154,94 Euro (VAT included).

The Venice Marco Polo Airport website will help you further understand the procedure.