Frittelle di Toni Trolese

Toni Trolese's Doughnuts (Fritoe de Toni Trolese)

Contributor: Lucia Fanton


Along with the Galani or Crostoli, the Fritoe are the most typical Carnival sweets in Venezia. This recipe was passed to me by Toni Trolese, one of my father’s friend.


½ kg 00 wheat flour
150 cc water
2 pcs eggs
30 g brewer’s yeast
60 g caster sugar
Aromas: 1 small glass of rum or lemonand 1 sachet of vanillin
250 g sultanas
1 sachet of pine nuts
100 g diced candied orange/lemon peel (citrons)
10 g salt
oil for frying


Stir the sugar and yeast into the warm water in a large saucepan. Slowly add the flour, then the eggs and flavourings, stirring well for a few minutes.

Add the sultanas, pine nuts, and citrons, mixing well for a few more minutes before adding the salt. Stir vigorously for a few minutes, then leave the dough to rest for about an hour.

Bring the oil to a high temperature in a frying pan. Choose one that is not too wide but deep, so that the doughnuts can float in the oil. Do not fry too many doughnuts at a time as they need to be flipped over halfway through cooking to complete the cooking process. Using a spoon moistened with water, scoop out the dough and push the dough with your finger into the hot (not boiling) oil.

The doughnuts in the oil will take on an almost spherical shape. When they are golden brown on both sides, a more or less dark hazelnut colour, dry them with paper towels and dust each doughnut with caster sugar. Serve in salad bowls.