This tour is for those who love Venetian art and the history of Venice. You won't be walking a lot, but you will spend a lot of time indoors in the museums. Try to book time slots and visit tickets. We advise you to focus on the main works, you will have a lot to admire. You will use the vaporettos more than once. 

Venice has a cultural diversity that makes it second to no other city in the world. The wealth of the Serenissima has allowed the development of artists such as Tintoretto, Titian, Tiepolo, Giorgione, Bellini, Veronese and many others. 

The first stop on this tour will be the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Here you can admire Tintoretto in all his talent. This Scuola Grande is the best known of all the magnificent buildings of the Scuole Grandi. These buildings were the seats of lay confraternities with associative characteristics dictated by a communion of profession and interest. In the seat of the Confraternity you will also find works by Titian, Giorgione, Tiepolo and other great artists of Venice. 

A few steps away, still in the Sestiere San Polo, you will find the Church of San Pantalon. On the ceiling of the church you will find the largest painting on canvas in the world. The incredible size of 443 square metres of the painting called The Martyrdom of San Pantalon by Gian Antonio Fiumani makes the church a must for painting lovers. If you're hungry eat something in Campo Santa Margherita, our map will suggest great local restaurants.  

Take vaporetto (water bus) No. 1 at San Tomà and get off at Accademia, in the Sestiere di Dorsoduro. Take a souvenir photo of the Accademia Bridge once you get off the boat. This popular bridge over the Grand Canal is one of the most photographed in Venice. From there head to the Accademia Gallery, a must for art lovers. This gallery displays the most comprehensive collection of Venetian art in the city. If you feel like it and don't feel tired, we also suggest the Peggy Guggenheim collection. We recommend booking your slot and ticket in advance for both museums. At the end of your visit take the vaporetto and get off at San Marco.

From the vaporetto stop, head west. You will find the Palazzo delle Prigioni and a little further on the Ponte della Paglia you can admire the Bridge of Sighs. A few steps away, admire and take pictures of St. Mark's Column, you will be able to take wonderful souvenir photos with the lagoon as a backdrop. From there, a few metres further on you will be in the heart of Venice, Piazza San Marco. The square is a concentration of attractions, in fact you will find the homonymous Basilica, the Campanile and the Palazzo Ducale. These attractions require at least half a day, we suggest you to visit the Doge's Palace and with the same ticket visit the Correr Museum. This museum will allow you to admire sculptures by Canova, paintings by Bellini, Antonello di Messina and many others. As you will notice, the Correr Museum has an exhibition focused on Venice.

Once you've finished your tour, sip a nice prosecco in one of the magnificent bars around St Mark's Square. 

Maximize Your Artistic Encounter:

  • Pre-booked tickets: Beat the queues and secure your spot at Venice's most acclaimed museums, the Doge's Palace, the Gallerie dell'Accademia and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Purchase a Venice City Pass for discounted entry to major attractions. (Pro-Tip: Book well in advance, especially during peak season!)
  • Vaporetto navigation: Master the city's waterbus (vaporettos) for easy navigation between museums and iconic landmarks. (Tip: Purchase a multi-day vaporetto pass for cost savings on frequent rides.)
  • Focus on masterpieces: With limited time indoors, prioritize the must-see works at each museum. Our guide highlights them all! (Insider Tip: Download museum maps beforehand to plan your route within each museum efficiently.)