This is a tour of the island of Torcello. To visit the whole island 3 or 4 hours will be enough, no rush. We suggest you to visit Torcello together with Burano.

Torcello is a green island in the Venetian lagoon, inhabited by about ten people, so it has few basic services. However, transport services are active thanks to the large presence of tourists and Venetians. To reach Torcello you can take vaporetto 12 from Fondamente Nove. Until 09:18 AM there will be direct waterbuses n.12 from Fondamente Nove.  After that time you will have to take the 12 from Fondamente Nove that will leave you in Burano. From Burano you will have to take vaporetto no. 9 that will cover the Burano Torcello route, every 15 minutes. The island is also covered by the night service.

Visiting Torcello will be like stepping into the past of the Venetian Lagoon. As there are only about ten people living on the island, if you want to have lunch you will have little choice, but this is not to your disadvantage. The few services on the island are run with great passion and dedication. 
Once off the vaporetto, head inland along the only real road on the island. Head for the Ponte Diavolo, one of two bridges in Venice without a parapet. A unique feature shared in the Lagoon only by the Ponte Chiodo di Cannareggio.

Continue across Ponte Santa Maria, the second bridge on the island. Immediately on Fondamenta Borgognoni you will find the Piazza with Attila's Throne. Not too far away you will find the most important destination on the island: the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta. This Venetian-Byzantine jewel is one of the first buildings on the lagoon still standing and boasts a magnificent bell tower. From the same complex belongs the Church of Santa Fosca with the remains of the Berber Saint Fosca brought to Venice by the sailor Vitale. 

Next to this church complex is the Torcello Museum. Here you can learn more about the history of the island through the remains and testimonies.

If you want to take a leap into the past of the Lagoon, Torcello is the place to visit.