Emergency Contact Numbers

Italy, like every country in the world, has a number of telephone numbers that can be used when you have an emergency.

What is 118 in an emergency?

118 and Pronto Soccorso. This number is managed by the National Health Service (SSN) and is used in case of medical emergencies such as injuries from falls, heart attacks, etc. It is always active and is a free service.

It is always available and free of charge.

In areas with a high concentration of tourists there are free medical centres such as in St Mark`s Square or Piazzale Roma.

You will find all hospitals and doctors' offices on our Venice map.

If you have a simple ailment and you don't think you need to go to hospital, we suggest you go to a pharmacy and get help from a qualified pharmacist.

Is it 112 or 113 in Italy?

112 is the European emergency number and also the number of the Carabinieri.  

113 is the number of the Italian State Police.

We advise you to contact these numbers if you have problems such as theft, loss of money or documents, etc. If you lose your passport, you should also contact your local Embassy or Consulate in Italy. If you lose your credit card, we recommend that you also contact the institution that issued your card.

What is Venice Fire Brigade phone number?

115 is the emergency number of the Fire Brigade. Or 041-2574700.

We advise you to contact this number if you see suspicious smoke or a fire.


For traffic emergencies and administrative sanctions the number of the Municipal Police is 041-2747070.

You are advised to contact this number if you are fined by an administrative officer.