Correr Museum

Museo Correr or the Correr Museum in St Mark's Square traces the modern history of the city of Venice. The museum is located in the Napoleonic Wing of St Mark's Square. Part of the museum is also located inside the Procuratio Nove. The building was erected between 1806-1814 during the Napoleonic era. The museum and its collection were owned by Teodoro Correr (1750-1830), a passionate art collector and member of an old family of the Venetian aristocracy. The patron Correr wanted to make his entire collection available to the public. The Venetian painter Giuseppe Borsato worked on the interior decoration, producing a unique and personal interpretation of the Napoleonic Imperial style.

The Correr Museum is divided into various sections that offer an interesting insight into the Art and History of Venice. The first section occupies the Napoleonic Wing. Here you can admire a remarkable collection of works by the greatest sculptor of the time, Antonio Canova (1757-1822). The second section is the Procuratie Nuove, designed by architect Vincenzo Scamozzi (1552-1616). The rooms now document various aspects of Venetian history, from daily life to public institutions, from naval enterprises to local festivals. The Art Collection exhibition continues on the second floor. The period covered ranges from the earliest days of Venetian painting to the 16th century, with many unrivalled masterpieces. The top floor houses the Quadreria, a gallery tracing the development of Venetian painting with works by Bellini, Carpaccio and Tura.

The wide range of sculptures, paintings and historical artefacts offers an insight into city life in the glorious days of the Republic. The museum has a library, a numismatic collection, and a photographic archive dedicated to Venice.

To fully enjoy the Correr Museum you will need a full half day. We advise you to book your ticket online. We recommend that you organise your visit to the Venice museums with a visit to St Mark's Square and its sights.