Murano Glass Museum

Murano glass is known worldwide for its fine glass craftsmanship. The Murano Glass Museum, located on the island of Murano in the Venice lagoon, is a small museum, but exhibits all the various types of glass that have been crafted there through the centuries. A tour will also show you how glass is made and the different methods used.

A couple of the vaporetto lines will take you to Murano, but you can also get a free ride from San Marco provided by some of the glass factories. They require you to sit through a 20 minute demonstration at their factory, but this is hardly an imposition, since this can be even more interesting than the museum itself.

The entire island of Murano is lined with glass shops and factories. If you’re looking to save a little money on Murano glassware, ask at one of the glass factories if they have any "remainders" or last year's designs that they would be willing to sell. You may be taken to the back of the warehouse and shown an area where samples, old displays and designs, as well as partial sets, are stored. You can get a very good deal this way.