San Giovanni Crisostomo


San Giovanni Crisostomo, located in Cannaregio, is a small church full of history and art. Located in a crowded square between Rialto and Campo Santi Apostoli, it's easy to overlook. Don't make that mistake! Put a pin on the Venice map for a genuine Venetian experience. 

Design and architecture of the church San Giovanni Crisostomo

The construction of San Giovanni Crisostomo took place between 1479 and 1504. It was the last church designed by Mauro Coducci. He created the structure of the church based on a Greek cross plan. It's only natural as the church is named after one of the Greek Church Fathers, St Chrysostom. It's also one of the most significant churches of the Venetian Renaissance. 

What's inside? 

San Giovanni Crisostomo is home to a few valuable pieces by the most notable Italian artists. One of the unique items is a painting by Sebastiano del Piombo, depicting St Chrysostomos and the Six Saints. You can find it over the high altar. Right next to it is the Coronation of the Virgin, created by one of the Lombardo artists.

On the ceiling, you'll find a beautiful fresco by Giuseppe Diamantini. A work by Giovanni Bellini in the chapel illustrates Saints Jerome, Christopher, and Louis of Toulouse. Also, San Giovanni Crisostomo is still home to many original furnishings and artworks. 

Interesting fact

During WWI, an Austrian bomb damaged the facade. Because of a powerful explosion, the statue of Madonna delle Grazie fell but stayed whole. Many people considered it a miracle. 

One more reason to visit

Those interested in Marco Polo's life should check out the two houses behind the church. They are called "Corte Prima" and "Corte Seconda del Milion." These small buildings suggest the presence of the explorer's family in the neighborhood.