Venice's calm canals add to its romantic charm, especially with the iconic gondola rides. Glide through Venice's canals in a historic boat and see the city's beauty from a unique angle. 

Charms of the Gondola Ride

Gondola rides have become a symbol of romance. Imagine gliding under Venice's charming bridges, like the Bridge of Sighs, with your special someone. It's indeed an intimate moment.

Imagine this: a gondola ride followed by a stroll through Venice's charming streets. Or, how about a gondola ride before a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, or access to one of the best attractions in Venice? Gondola rides are more than only getting around Venice. They're a chance to experience the city in a special way. You'll glide down peaceful canals, surrounded by Venice's beautiful palaces, bridges, and historic buildings. It's a ride steeped in history and a memory you'll treasure.

Guide to Choose Your Tour

Standard Gondola Rides: Take a classic 30-minutes Gondola Ride in Venice and glide through the city's famous canals. You'll also explore quieter, hidden waterways. In this way, it gives plenty of photo opportunities.

Private and themed tours: Private tours are available for tourists looking for more intimate tours. These boat tours are not only for getting around. They can be romantic adventures for couples, gliding through charming canals. Or, you can choose a historical tour with a guide. The guide will tell you fascinating stories about Venice's most famous spots.

Want amazing photos of your Venice trip? Take a private gondola ride tour! Choose a morning or evening departure to fit your schedule.

The best time to take a gondola ride: Many tourists dream of having a gondola ride through Venice at sunset. Since a typical ride is about 50 minutes, you can plan your ride so that you can enjoy the sunset at the midpoint of your ride. 

But there is another factor that should be kept in mind, the amount of boat traffic and the crowds according to the time of day. During the day, Venice is full of visitors and boat traffic is more prolific on the Grand Canal.

To avoid crowds, early morning and late evening are the best times to enjoy a gondola ride. To make it peaceful, consider joining the Morning Walking Tours of Venice Plus Gondola Ride.

The best place to take a gondola ride in Venice: There are two popular places to start your gondola ride in Venice. Most tourists choose spots near the famous sights, like St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge. But another great option is Santa Maria del Giglio, which offers a different experience.

If you are a first-time visitor, you can enjoy most with a full-day itinerary or Venice in-a-day guided tours. These tours hit all the must-see spots. You'll get to walk across the Rialto Bridge, and peek at the fresh catch at the Rialto fish market. Then float down the Grand Canal on a classic gondola ride.

Some Popular Routes

A gondola ride can take you along some interesting waterways. You might see the Grand Canal, a famous water highway in Venice. Or you could float through the quiet Canal of the Mirrors in the Cannaregio area. You might even catch a glimpse of the Bridge of Sighs, a beautiful bridge with a famous history. Here is the detail of some famous gondola routes. 

Grand Canal by Gondola: Take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal for a magical experience! Glide over the calm water at sunset and admire Venice's unique atmosphere. You'll also learn about the craftsmanship that goes into building these iconic boats as you pass under the city's many old bridges.

Gondola ride underneath the Bridge of Sighs: A gondola ride underneath the Bridge of Sighs in Venice is a classic experience. It's often depicted as a romantic scene although the name evokes a sense of sadness. Legend says couples kissing here will have eternal love. Many gondola tours are designed to pass under the Bridge of Sighs. You can easily find one that includes this experience.

Gondola ride through the serene Cannaregio canals: Glide in a gondola on secret canals in Cannaregio. Get past aged palazzos and laundry lines strung like bunting. Your gondolier might point out a hidden gem like a tucked-away church. You can also request your ride to go past some of the interesting sites in Cannaregio. But the true beauty of a gondola ride through Cannaregio lies in its peace and tranquillity. Only whispers of water and church bells break the serenity.

Capacity of a Gondola: A traditional gondola can hold up to six people. So it is perfect for small groups or families. Shared gondola rides are the best option for group and family tours.

Booking a gondola: You can book a gondola ride on the spot. A booking is also possible in advance. One thing to keep in mind is that weather changes or la aqua alta (high tide) can affect your booking. If there are sudden weather changes, you need to reschedule your booking.

Tips for a remarkable experience

  • Hidden Venice Walking Tours and Gondola Ride Experience: Want to experience Venice like a local? Skip the crowded canals and explore lesser-known spots with a guided walking tour! These tours take you off the beaten path and into the charming backstreets of Venice.
  • Respect the local culture: Gondola rides are part of the cultural heritage of Venice. While on a gondola ride, you can ask the gondolier about the history of gondolas and the significant landmarks you pass by.
  • How to dress up: Even in summer, Venice can be chilly in the evenings. So, it’s recommended to bring a light jacket.
  • Photography: A gondola ride can give you an opportunity to capture unique photographs, so have your camera ready.

Explore Venice by using our interactive Venice map. It'll help you to reach easily to have a gondola ride spots. Having the Gondola Ride Tours Venice will make your heart and soul enchanted by a peaceful journey through the city’s waterways.