The heart of the Venetian festivals was not only the people and the events. The beauty of these festivals was also the scenery, the backdrops. Silk, brocade and other Interior Design and fabric such as satin and velvet have always been the backdrop for Venetian events.  Venetian fabrics, whether tapestries or fabrics for carnival dresses, are world class. Many of these fabrics, especially brocade, have always been used by the high nobility and ecclesiastical dignitaries. In Venice today you can still find craftsmen dedicated to preserving the art of tapestry, precious fabrics and lace. We suggest a few, but don't limit yourself to these names. With the help of our Venice map, look for other textile and lace craftsmen.

Antiquita` Trois has been offering antiques for decades, as well as fine upholstery and hand-printed Interior Design and fabric.

A cornerstone of Giudecca's craftsmanship is the latest Fortuny factory with its classic and damask fabrics. The cotton mako fabric processed in the Fortuny factory reaches an incredible quality.

Rubelli in Campo San Gallo maintains its sophisticated style in home textiles and wall coverings. Jesurum and Color Casa may be other good options to give your home a touch of real fine craftsmanship. Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua with its velvets, brocatellas and satins will help you learn more about the art of Interior Design and fabric from the lagoon.

The great art of Venetian fabrics cannot fail to include Burano lace. The school of air-stitch lace and its evolutions have made the island of the Lagoon an icon throughout the world. In Burano you'll find the famous lace museum, which will help you gain an insight into this art. The Bon family has been running the Perla for decades, a meeting place for many shoppers. Emilia Burano is a fourth generation shop of lace craftsmen. From Lidia they hand down the lace from the early 1900s of Signora "Mora Boccolo" and even today that quality remains unchanged.  The boutique Martina Vidal, offers a refined line and in their atelier you can also visit the family museum.

Burano has many other quality shops to offer, so with the help of our Venice map we suggest you take the time to explore the island. Venetian fabrics of fine workmanship such as brocade, damask or Fortuny fabrics are magnificent. We recommend that you buy a quality souvenir from an artisan to support the local economy.