Venice Carnival - 2023

The Carnival of Venice is an exquisite way to explore Venice. You can indulge in parties, parades, and cultural events. You'll see gorgeous masks and costumes on every corner. Carnevale di Venezia is one of the oldest festivals in the world, dating back to the 11th century. The Venice Carnival 2023 will take place from the 11th to the 21st of February.

This year's Carnival of Venice theme is the symbols - Zodiac signs and the four elements. It's an opportunity to explore yourself. Dress up and join the crowd inspired by freedom and originality. The festivities will start on February 4th with the opening parade along the Grand Canal. On February 5th, you can watch a spectacular boat carnival. The traditional Festa delle Marie will occur on February 11th, the first official day of the Venice Carnival 2023. And remember the Doge's Ball, the ultimate Venetian party, which will be on February 18th.

Unfortunately, the Flight of the Angel and The Eagle and The Lion won't be happening this year. Yet, a carnival costume show is held every day on St Mark's Square, free and accessible to everyone.

Is the Venice Carnival worth it?

The Carnival of Venice is a unique event filled with traditions, music, culture, and lots of fun. The city of Venice comes alive during this time. People forget their worries, dress up in costumes, and participate in parades and parties. They dance, drink, and eat delicious food. This sounds pretty appealing. Therefore, participating in the Venice Carnival 2023 is an amazing idea.

How crowded is Venice during the Carnival?

The Carnival of Venice draws about three million visitors to Venice every year. Although it is a city used to tourists, Venice gets quite crowded during the festival. Obviously, it's best to book accommodation and plan your trip as soon as possible. You can check our recommendations on the best ways to get to Venice. For some events of the Venice Carnival 2023, like the Flight of the Angel, you'll need to arrive early. The famous St Mark's Square gets busy hours before the ceremony. Without a doubt, it's best to use our Venice map and plan the easiest and fastest way to anywhere in the city. Besides, many tourists come to Venice during this time for specific activities. For example, some Venice museums offer free guided tours only during the Carnival. In addition, some of the Venice churches host classical music performances.

What time of year does the Venice Carnival take place?

The Venice Carnival 2023 will take place from February 16-21. At this time, the weather in Venice can be cold, so it's best to dress accordingly. The Carnival events begin about two weeks before Ash Wednesday and end on Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a. Fat Tuesday or Martedì Grasso. The days filled with the most fun are from the last Thursday to Tuesday. It is the time to celebrate and eat until your belly hurts before the period of fasting starts.

What is the best month to go to Venice?

There is never a bad time to visit Venice! But the most pleasant time to visit is in spring. The winters in Venice are cold, and the summers are hot. Yet, Venice is home to some world-known events, such as the Venice Biennale during this time. If you want to visit Venice in the fall, remember the Acqua Alta phenomena. During the high tides, the lower areas of the city, including many squares, tend to flood.

What is the best way to enjoy Venice food & wine?

Compared to some other Italian cities, Venice has its specifics. But it is still Italy, which means you can find mouthwatering food and tasty wines. The best way to enjoy an authentic Venice dish paired with fine wine is to skip expensive restaurants. You can explore our Venice map and find local hidden gems. These places, mainly visited by locals, serve the freshest meals in the area. During the Carnival of Venice, try Venetian cicchetti (resembling tapas). For dessert, get a taste of frittelle. Frittelle is sweet fried dough with all kinds of fillings. You can only buy it shortly before and during the Carnival of Venice. You won't find it anywhere later. As an alternative or an addition, you can try galani or castagnole.

Where do I get the ticket for Doge's Ball or a special dinner?

During the Venice Carnival 2023, you'll have a chance to experience many shows and events. You can check the official program online. Most of the events held in the city's public areas are free. Some parties are private, and you can get in by buying a ticket or by invitation. One such event, for instance, is the Doge's Ball. This event is the ultimate one among the Carnival balls. People come for a fantastic show. They dress up in period costumes and have an incredible dinner, followed by a fabulous party. You can buy tickets online. Many other dinners and shows are designed specifically for the Carnival of Venice.

Are you looking forward to the Venice Carnival 2023? To dive into the joyous atmosphere of Venice, remember to bring a costume. Usually, those are from the 18th century, but you can dress up as anything or anyone you'd like. Remember to get an original Venetian mask at one of the local shops. Venetian masks are a centuries-old craft that the modern cheaper alternatives can't replace. Enjoy!