Excursion to the lagoon islands


This itinerary will allow you to visit the most popular islands of the Lagoon and the best attractions they have to offer. You will have to walk a lot, sometimes at a fast pace, also to catch the vaporettos on time. The vaporettos will help you a lot in discovering the lagoon area, even more as you go through the stages of this tour.

Departure from Fondamente Nove at 0800, but before leaving enjoy a coffee at the counter in one of the bars in Cannaregio. Take vaporetto 12 and get off at Torcello. Try to catch the vaporetto before 09:18 as it is a direct route to Torcello. When you reach Torcello, cross Ponte del Diavolo, an incredible bridge without a parapet. Then head north and take a souvenir photo of Attila's Throne. Visit the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta, one of the first buildings on the Lagoon with beautiful mosaics such as the Last Judgement. Walk back to the pier where you got off and take the number 9 towards the second stop, Burano.

Don't relax during the navigation, you'll be in Burano in a matter of minutes. As soon as you dock, head for Fondamente San Mauro. Here you will find yourself surrounded by the unique attractions of the Venetian lagoon and Burano: the colourful houses. On Fondamente San Mauro cross the crowded little bridge and walk eastwards along Fondamente degli Assassini. Then head for Burano's most famous coloured house: Casa di Bepi Sua`. Return to Via Baldassarre Galuppi and perhaps sample one of Burano's famous sweets, the Bussolai, while strolling. In Burano, don't forget to buy a piece of lace or a handmade product from the friendly Buranesi. Head to Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi and visit the Church of San Martino with its leaning bell tower, an icon of Burano. Walk through the interior of the island and return to the ACTV pier. Take water bus number 12 to your next destination, the island of Murano.

You can choose whether to eat in Burano or Murano, bear in mind that it will take 45 minutes by boat to reach Murano. Decide according to your hunger. At both destinations you can sample the many dishes that characterise Venetian and Italian cuisine. 

Get off at Murano Faro.  As soon as you arrive at your destination, take a photo of the Murano Lighthouse. Murano is the world capital of glass making, a unique artisan and historical reality. In the various glassworks and exhibition halls you will have the chance to see how modern glassmakers work with glass. This experience alone is worth the tour.  Head to Rio dei Vetrai, then to Campo Santo Stefano and photograph the Clock Tower. When visiting Murano you should visit the Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato, the oldest in Murano.

For the return journey you can take vaporetto 4.2 or B from the ACTV Museo stop to Fondamente Nove. Or take the 4.1 from Murano Novagero to Fondamente Nove or the 3 to Piazzale Roma.

As you can see, it is a very busy itinerary, but certainly with a little bit of organisation and our map, you won't have any problems. 

When you visit the Lagoon, we advise you not only to enjoy the various destinations, but also to buy some local products such as lace or a work of some glass master.