Getting around Venice

How to get around Venice:


The Vaporetto

The Vaporetto is the most convenient solution both for Venetians and tourists. It is the public transport managed by ACTV and it has various solutions of transport and prices.  
If you are a tourist you can choose between the Single 75 minutes at the price of 7,50 Euro.
24 hours at the price of 20 Euro
48 hours at the price of 30 Euro
72 hours at the price of 40 Euro
And the weekly at 60 Euro.

If you are a resident, you can choose between a monthly subscription at 37 Euro or an annual solution at 370 Euro.  

Water Taxi

The Water Taxi is the most efficient but also the most expensive way to get around Venice. It has capacity for up to ten people, and costs vary depending on the number of passengers. Water taxis charge extra for night travel and luggage. The water taxi is also used to get to the mainland.


Although the gondola is an actual means of transport, today it is used to enjoy an old-fashioned Venetian experience. If you are a tourist visiting Venice you should take "a gondola ride". The price is agreed with the gondolier, who can suggest itineraries and additional services. We recommend that you board the gondola without bulky luggage.


The ferry is a service for Venetian residents who have to cross the Grand Canale and has a fixed price. Recently it has been made available to non-residents at a slightly higher price.


Outside the historic centre of Venice you can also use the Bus and Tram service run by ACTV. A single 75-minute ticket costs 1.50 Euro.

Car sharing

Car Sharing is a great alternative to public transport. Car Sharing is used by Venetian residents but hardly used by tourists due to the difficulty of parking.