Backpackers in the Lagoon

Backpacking is a style of travel that only the youngest and/or most experienced travellers manage to put into practice. Backpacking is not for everyone. Backpacking is not for everyone, it involves a lot of surprises and improvisation, calmness and stamina. Often people travel for months, in many countries, concentrating on one continent. Some travellers don't plan anything except a generic itinerary and return flights. If you fit into any of these descriptions then our map can help you. Thanks to our Venice map you can find the best deals on services, restaurants or anything else.

When travelling as a backpacker you should always be careful about how much you spend on activities, accommodation and expenses. This guide will give you an idea of the best free attractions.

If you're "on a budget" you may want to consider a transport card, as waterbuses are very expensive if you buy a single ticket each time. 

When you decide to visit the city, come in the low season, perhaps during the high water months.

If you can, book the museums you plan to visit in advance, you'll save a lot of time by avoiding queues to get to the attractions.

Choose your accommodation carefully, as you'll find plenty to choose from both in Venice and on the mainland. There are many flats on Airbnb and other platforms. If you are a "hardcore" backpacker, you won't find many hostels. So if you do find an offer in a hostel, don't waste time, book your 'bunk bed' or shared room. You could also opt for a campsite, but this will be on the mainland.

For food you could opt for a cicchetti tour of the city's various bacari. Don't eat sandwiches on the street, especially in touristy places. In some places with a high density of tourists you could be fined if you eat packed food. Go to markets such as Rialto to find fresh, local food to cook where you are staying. We recommend enjoying some good Venetian food in a family-run osteria. For alcohol you'll find plenty of choices - the Venetians generally like to enjoy good spirits.  Use the drinking fountains for free drinking water. 

Venice, despite being a historic city, has excellent internet services. If you have purchased some kind of tourist card you will find many wifi available where you can connect. Don't worry about asking for the password when you are in a restaurant, pub or museum. You can also opt for an internet-enabled Sim phone with a special package for tourists. 

Backpackers tend to skimp on accommodation and travel times, preferring to travel at night, but spare no expense when it comes to "experiences" off the beaten track. Try kayaking Venice in the canals, making a Venetian mask or taking a glass-making class. Take a gondola ride and try to split the cost with someone else.  You could also opt for a tour with a Venetian tour guide. Sometimes there are free tours, but remember to tip your guide at least 10 Euros.  Or simply take a cue from our itineraries.

Another popular thing for backpackers to do is to attend local events and festivals. You will find many of them in Venice. 

Everyone says that Venice is expensive, and indeed it is, but if you are organised you will be able to "spend the right amount".