Murano Itinerary


Reach Murano

This tour will see a day dedicated to the discovery of the island of Murano.

Departure by vaporetto 4.1 or 4.2 from Fondamente Nove. You can opt for line 3 from Piazzale Roma or the green tourist line.  Just off to the right in the middle of the lagoon, the Chiatta di Dante e Virgilio by Georgy Frangulyan, a Russian Armenian sculptor.  The bronze statue on a floating platform depicts the two poets, Dante and Virgil.

After a pleasant half hour on the vaporetto, you will reach Murano.

Glass Making Tour at Murano

Murano is the home of glass making, a source of pride not only for the people of Murano, but for all the people of the lagoon. Since 1291 by decree all the glassworks moved to Murano. The island is small, but you will be surprised by the stream of people moving among the coloured houses. The coloured houses were used to indicate directions to the boatmen and to demarcate the properties of the families.

Once off the vaporetto we suggest you attend a glass-making lesson in the old Church of Santa Chiara.

Afterwards go to the Barovier & Toso showroom, a necessary stop if you visit Murano, both for the importance of the name and the location of the building, close to Rio dei Vetrai.

One glassworks you must visit is certainly that of Archimede Seguso, in fondamenta Serenella. For more than 650 years, the family of Gino Seguso, the owner, has been working with glass. The glassworks takes its name from Gino's father, Master Archimede, a true innovator but also the guardian of Murano's glassmaking tradition.

Other Attractions in Murano

We advise you to walk along the Rio dei Vetrai waterway or along Fondamenta Manin or Fondamenta dei Vetrai. From there you will reach the Church of San Pietro Martire. Inside the church you will find works by Bellini, Veronese and a painting attributed to Tintoretto. 

After your visit cross Ponte Longo and head east on Riva Longa. If you feel like it, visit the Glass Museum. 

From there head to the famous Duomo of Murano, the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato. We suggest you take some time to visit this place a part of Venice itinerary that is so dear to the people of Murano. From Campo San Donato you can then explore the shops and glassworks in the various calle. With the help of our Venice map you will reach the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, the last stop on our tour. Return to Venice from the Fondamente Venier stop,

For lunch we suggest a quick bite to eat or choose one of the trattorias that our map will show you. Since you are in Murano you can try the Muranese eel known to the Venetians as Bisato su l'Ara.