In Venice, you can have a taste of the traditional local food and drink, such as the squid ink noodles, Risottonero and the Bellini cocktail.


The main delicious food always consists of seafood meat and noodles. The most famous dishes are the Risottonero and Crab Salad. Tourists can go to Da Nico restaurant, close to Piazza San Marco, for a taste. The Risie Bisi is a kind of soup, made of green beans and rice.

As for the noodles, the best is the raw noodles and squid ink noodles from Rizzo restaurant, located in Cannaregio 5778.

After dinner, you can try Tiramisu, a dessert which consists of cream and eggs, added to a mixture of coffee and brandy. Another dessert is cream puffs, which are made from four components, crepes, filling, glaze and decoration.

During festival days, tourists can find traditional Venetian food, such as fritelle, small fried, spiced, or cream-filled doughnuts which are sold at the Carnival.


When traveling to Venice, you can go to Caffé Florian or Caffé Quadri to have a cup of coffee. Caffé Florian is the oldest place in Europe to serve coffee, while Caffé Quadri serves the super-concentrated caffe alla turca, a forerunner of today’s espresso.

Apart from coffee, non-alcoholic drinks include: frullati, a milk shake made with fruit; freshly squeezed fruit juice, which is usually made from lemon, orange, apple or grapefruit; and granite, crushed ice with syrup which is often coffee-flavored.

Venice is also known for its famed Bellini or peach juice and champagne, invented by Harry's Bar in Venice.

Many of the wines of Venice are familiar to wine lovers, especially Valpolicella (red), Bardolino (red) and Soave (white). You can even enjoy a “giro di ombre” during your trip.