Sim Cards and WIFI for Tourists

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a cherished destination for travelers. Venice draws visitors with its winding canals, stunning architecture, and cultural attractions. But what are the options for staying connected during your stay in Venice?

Sim Cards & e-Sim Cards

Nobody wants to deal with high roaming charges. It is especially true for those traveling from outside the EU. Getting a local Sim card is one of the best options for Venice visitors. In addition, with a local Sim card, it's much easier to access emergency services. 

Most major Italian carriers offer prepaid plans. You'll get a certain amount of data, text, and minutes. The rates for these Sim cards are pretty affordable. The best-known providers are Wind, TIM, and Vodafone. We don't recommend buying a Sim card at the airport as the prices are much higher. An alternative to buying a Sim card is downloading one. You can easily do it online and choose the plan based on your needs. 

WiFi connection 

A popular option for tourists in Venice is to use the city's WiFi. The city claims to have Europe's widest and fastest wireless connection. There are over 200 hotspots in Venice. The service is free for residents and students but not for tourists. 

Most hotels and restaurants offer free wireless access, yet it ties you up to a specific location. Moreover, most restaurants and cafes charge a coperto the minute you sit down. Therefore, the connection is not actually free. 

Consider purchasing a prepaid WiFi plan for a reliable connection to most of the city's hotspots. You can buy one of the WiFi passes online starting at 5 EUR per day. The rates are affordable compared to some European destinations. The only downside of the service is that you can use a purchased plan exclusively on one device. Once you get the pass, find the closest connection spot on the Venice WiFi map

Staying connected in Venice is vital to navigating the city. Once connected, you can use an interactive Venice map to find all the best Venice attractions. Enjoy your stay!