The Cannaregio district extends widely from the Santa Lucia station in 1861 to the Castello district. Cannaregio's boundaries also touch Santa Croce, San Polo and San Marco. The quays of Fondamente Nova overlook the islands of the lagoon. After Castello, the sestiere of Cannaregio is the largest and most populous in Venice.

 The name of the sestiere probably derives from the reeds, which until a few decades ago, grew wild in the area. Another hypothesis is that the name derives from "Canal Regio" or Canal Reale, the ancient name of the Cannaregio Canal. This canal was the main entrance from the mainland to Venice, before the railway connection.

Cannaregio is an area with long, wide canals, criss-crossed by jagged alleyways, and characterised by bars and craft shops. It is one of the most characteristic areas of Venice.

In the heart of Cannaregio you will find the Jewish Ghetto, the oldest in the world. Here the Jews of Venice were forced to live from 1516 until 1866. Here the Jews were involved in money lending, trade, textile processing and the medical profession. The figure of the Venetian Jews is linked to lending and banking in general. In fact, it is believed that the name 'Banca' derives from the benches used by the Jews as desks while they were banking, in Cannaregio.

Cannaregio boasts churches of magnificent beauty such as the Church of the Madonna dell'Orto with works by Tintoretto and the painter's house just a few steps away. Other churches you should visit are the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Church of the Scalzi.

The sestiere is also famous for its bridges, such as Ponte delle Guglie and Ponte Chiodo, and for its palaces, such as the 15th-century Ca d'Oro, which overlooks the Grand Canal.

The area, although being the most populated by Venetians, also has a lot to offer if you are a tourist looking for souvenirs. We recommend the Lista di Spagna and Strada Nova especially if you love shopping.

Also in Cannaregio you can find the famous Venice Casino.

The most populous district of Venice will make your stay in Venice an intense experience of history, culture and traditions.