Su e Zo per I Ponti

Su e Zo Per i Ponti in Venice is a walk for solidarity held in April. This Venice annual event also aims to celebrate sustainable tourism and respect for the city. The participants will walk up and down 42 bridges, exploring authentic Venetian streets. What started as a small event in 1975 today attracts thousands of people. The point is not to outrun each other but to express your voice, participate and have fun. Besides, the proceeds from Su e Zo go to a chosen charity. It is one of the most famous annual events in Venice in Italy. So let’s celebrate it together!

Programme and the route of Su e zo

Su e Zo Per i Ponti will occur on Sunday, April 16th, 2023. It starts at 8:30 am with a Holy Mass at St Mark’s Basilica. To get there, walk or take a vaporetto and get off at San Marco Vallaresso or San Zaccaria. The walk is from 9:30 am to 11 am, but the event lasts until 3 pm. There are two routes of Su e Zo. The 11-km trail starts and ends at St Mark’s Square. The shorter 5-km one, created mainly for school groups, starts at the Port of Venice. Don’t hesitate to use our Venice map to plan all the logistics and explore the trails in advance. You can also get a unique route map at ticket booths on St Mark’s Square or at the railway station

What to expect during Su e Zo Per i Ponti?

The Up and Down Over the Bridges (the English version of the event) is a lot of fun! The Holy Mass at the beautiful St Mark’s Basilica is impressive. But so is the programme after the walk. After the presentation of the prizes, there are performances by cheerful folk groups. People can enjoy music, dance, and hang out with friends and family. Groups from abroad, usually tourists, can get a special prize. So let’s use this opportunity! To become a part of the event Su e Zo Per i Ponti, you must register online.