One of the best-known Venetian islands, Murano is home to the art of glass making. This craft is a source of pride for the people of Murano and the whole Venetian Lagoon. In this Murano itinerary, we'll explore the island's highlights and discover why Murano is such a remarkable destination. It is a small island, perfect for a one-day trip, with all the attractions nearby. 

How to get to Murano from Venice

The best way to get around Venice in Italy, and the islands of the Lagoon is by vaporetto. Get one of the Venice City Passes to make your trip comfortable and cost-efficient. These passes give you a great deal on public transportation and attractions. We also recommend using our Venice map for uncomplicated navigation or Venice itinerary

Depart from Fondamente Nove by vaporetto #4.1 or #4.2. You can also take #3 from Piazzale Roma. During this pleasant ride, watch out for Chiatta di Dante e Virgilio, the bronze sculpture by Georgy Frangulyan. Once you reach Murano, get off at the Murano Faro stop. You'll immediately notice the Murano Lighthouse to the right. 

Murano Glass Cathedral - the former church of Santa Chiara

The history of Murano's glass-making started in 1291, when all the glass-making professionals moved to the island by decree. To get a first-hand experience of the renowned craft, let's visit the Murano Glass Cathedral. 

From the stop, take Calle Bressagio and turn left once you reach Fondamenta Manin. You can enjoy the picturesque Rio dei Vetrai. In the former church of Santa Chiara, you can see a glass-making demonstration

Visit the icons of glass making - a tip from a local

After the glass-blowing demonstration, visit the nearby Barovier & Toso showroom. It is like a boutique museum filled with lamps and chandeliers of insane beauty. Another place you must visit is the glass-making shop of Archimede Seguso, located in Fondamenta Serenella. 

For more than 650 years, the family of Gino Seguso, the owner, has been working with Murano glass. The shop takes its name from Gino's father, Master Archimede, a true innovator and the guardian of Murano's glass-making tradition. 

San Pietro Martire Church

After indulging in the tremendous beauty of Murano glass, walk along Fondamenta dei Vetrai. From there, you will reach the San Pietro Martire church, the next stop on our Murano itinerary. 

It is a 14th-century Gothic Venice church with artworks by renowned artists like Bellini, Veronese, and Tintoretto. The church also features a beautiful cloister, which requires an entrance fee. 

The Murano Glass Museum

One of the most important places to visit on the island is the Murano Glass Museum. Cross Ponte Longo Lino Toffolo and walk about 400m to one of the best-known Venice museums. At the Murano Glass Museum, you can dive into the art of glass-making through exceptional exhibits. 

In 1923, Murano became a part of Venice, and the museum opened its doors to the public. You can learn about different techniques and methods used in this precious craft by exploring the museum's collection. It is a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of Murano and Venice in a unique way. 

Lunch on Murano Island

Lunch on Murano is a treat, especially if you're a fan of seafood. While exploring the island, try the Muranese eel known to the Venetians as Bisato su l'Ara. 

Here are a few Murano restaurants we recommend: 

Osteria al Duomo - located across the bridge from the Murano Glass Museum. This restaurant offers excellent pizza, pasta, and delicious desserts to top off your gastronomic experience. 

Trattoria Valmarana - is a local restaurant a few steps from Osteria al Duomo. In this place, you can taste some of the finest seafood. You can do so while enjoying their outside seating overlooking the canal. 

Osteria Acquastanca - is an Italian version of a diner located on Fondamenta Manin. Focused on seafood, this restaurant will provide exquisite meals that will be a genuine pleasure for your taste buds. 

Pizzeria Marlin Ristorante - is a pizzeria located on one of the best-known Murano streets, Fondamenta dei Vetrai. In addition to delicious pizza and pasta, inside is a fantastic bar with a wide choice of drinks.  

You can use our Venice map to find the best route to one of the above-mentioned restaurants. 

Basilica dei Santi Marie e Donato

After indulging in the island's delicious food, let's continue on our Murano itinerary. Our next stop is the Duomo of Murano, the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato. One of the ancient Venice churches, the Basilica, is the oldest religious structure in Murano. 

In the church, you'll see the 13th-century mosaics and even the dragon relics found behind the altar. The building is fascinating, too, with its Gothic keel-shaped roof, original Corinthian columns, and Murano stained glass windows. 

The entrance to the church is free, and you can find the opening hours here

Santa Maria degli Angeli Church

With the help of our Venice map, reach the last stop on our Murano itinerary - the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. It is one of the lesser-known Venice churches. However, according to the legend, it is where a beautiful nun, Casanova's lover, lived. 

The original church emerged in the 12th century, while the current structure dates to the 15th century. After a renovation, the church reopened to the public in 1863. Inside the church, you can see numerous paintings and sculptures by renowned artists. One of the most prominent pieces is The Virgin in Glory and Saints by Palma il Giovane.

You can only visit the church by making an appointment in advance. 

Return to Venice from Murano

For the return journey, you can take vaporetto #4.2 from the Museo stop to Fondamente Nove. Alternatively, take #4.1 from Murano Navagero to Fondamente Nove or #3 to Piazzale Roma. 

Where to stay in Murano?

We recommend staying overnight if you can afford to spend more time in Murano. It will give you a precious chance to see the island in the morning light, with little tourists on the streets. 

Here are a few accommodations we recommend in Murano:  

Murano Palace - a three-star hotel located on Fondamenta dei Vetrai, right in the heart of Murano. You can rest in the elegant rooms and enjoy a hearty breakfast. 

Casa sulla Laguna - a hotel located close to the Murano Lighthouse. It features rooms with a view of the Venetian Lagoon and a lovely green terrace where you can enjoy your meals. 

Hyatt Centric Murano Venice - a four-star hotel for those who prefer the modern classic with a bit of Murano charm. It has a central location, close to the Museo vaporetto stop and the Murano Glass Museum