Chiesa di San Sebastiano


The small but splendid Chiesa di San Sebastiano is located in the Sestiere di Dorsoduro, on Fondamenta San Sebastiano. The structure was designed by Antonio Abbondi in 1505, completed in 1548 and consecrated in 1562. The church stands on a pre-existing sacred structure.  

Part of the exterior is in classical style while the interior is in Renaissance style. The exterior is striking for its sobriety and the beauty of the bell tower. The interior of the church Chiesa di San Sebastiano, with a single nave, is known throughout Venice for an important series of works by Veronese from around 1555 to 1570. A true temple in honour of the Venetian Republic artist. Paolo Veronese embellished the nave, the upper part of the sacristy, the high altar and other parts of the church with frescoes. Part of the work was commissioned by Abbot Bernardo Torlioni. The Coronation of the Virgin and the Cardinal Virtues are striking in their colours. On the ceiling, on the other hand, the Coronation of Esther with sombre colours leaves room for melancholy. In the nave but also in the choir we find the cycle dedicated to St Sebastian, also by Veronese. Here you will see archers wanting to strike the saint and a rebuke to Diocletian.

The church Chiesa di San Sebastiano also houses the remains of Paolo Veronese, on the left of the chancel. Veronese's brother is also buried here. Thus sanctioning the great connection of the Veronese family with this small church in Dorsoduro.

In the church Chiesa di San Sebastiano you will also find Titian's San Nicolò from 1563 and other works by Jacopo Sansovino and Palma il Giovane. Of great importance for Venetian sculpture are the statues by Girolamo Campagna.

The church is part of the Gerolamini order, and is one of the member churches of Venezia Chorus.