Venice is a very particular city for hotel logistics. This Hotels in Venice Guide article will give you an idea of all kinds of accommodations available in Venice. To enjoy your experience in Venice, choosing the right place to stay is key. Luckily, Venice in Italy boasts a vast array of hotels, from historic palazzos to charming budget-friendly options.

Luxury Hotels on the Venetian Lagoon

If you're looking for a special place to stay. Venice has many luxurious hotels that are grand and beautiful. Step back in time and stay in a luxurious hotel in Venice, Italy. That was once a Venetian palace. These grand hotels have a charming old-time feel, amazing service, and sometimes beautiful canal views.

Venice isn't just about history! Modern design lovers will find stylish, up-to-date hotels alongside the classic sights. These hotels offer a new way to experience Venice, with all the comforts you expect today.

Mid-Range Gems

For a more intimate experience, consider a boutique hotel. These smaller hotels often occupy historic buildings and exude Venetian charm. A stay on a smaller canal offers a glimpse into the quieter side of Venice. Many mid-range hotels boast this location, allowing you to escape the crowds while still being close to the main attractions.

Budget-Friendly Stays Venice

Venice isn't just for high rollers. Budget-conscious travellers can find charming guesthouses and family-run hotels tucked away in quieter neighbourhoods. Look for options in Cannaregio or Castello for a more local experience, while still being within reach of the city's main attractions. There are mainly two types of budget-friendly accommodations available in Venice. 

Locandas and B&Bs: Venice offers a delightful selection of family-run locandas and B&Bs. These provide a chance to experience local hospitality and often come with a delicious breakfast included.

Hostels in Venice with a View: Hostels in Venice are surprisingly stylish, with some offering stunning canal views or rooftop terraces. This is a great option for social travellers looking for a budget-friendly stay in a central location.

Beyond the Hotel: Venice also offers a variety of alternative accommodations, from cozy apartments to charming B&Bs. This can be a great option for families or groups seeking more space and a more local feel.

Venice Map

Tips for Choosing Your Hotels in Venice Italy

Here are some key tips for choosing your Venice hotel:

Consider your priorities: Ask yourself about your priority in choosing your hotel. Do you want to be in the heart of the action near St. Mark's Square, or a quieter neighbourhood like Cannaregio? Is a canal view a must-have, or are you happy with a charming side street? Are you looking for a luxurious stay with a spa and rooftop pool, or a simple hotel with clean rooms and a good breakfast? Consider how close you want to be to specific attractions or public transportation.

Think about your travel style: Do you crave luxury or a more local experience? Opt for a Grand Canal hotel or a restored palazzo for an opulent stay. If you want a budget-friendly stay, look for guesthouses or family-run hotels in quieter areas. Consider staying in a converted monastery, boutique hotel, or apartment for a unique Venetian feel.

Booking: Book in advance, especially during peak seasons like summer and Venice Carnival. Consider booking platforms or directly with the hotel for the best rates.

Additional factors: Read reviews on travel websites to get insights from past guests on noise levels, cleanliness, and the helpfulness of staff. Also, don't just rely on hotel photos. Look for user-generated content to get a more realistic idea of the room's size and overall feel.

How to Reach Your Hotel in Venice Italy

When choosing your hotel, you need to consider how you can reach your hotel. Venice, with its charming canals, presents a unique transportation situation. 

The most common ways to reach Venice are by plane, train or car. Some hotels, particularly higher-end ones, offer airport transfer services. Contact your hotel beforehand to inquire about this option. Otherwise, you have to use the service of either Vaporatto (Waterbus), Water Taxi & Bus

Buy a Vaporetto ticket before you reach Venice. Our Venice Map will guide you to know the route map. Read our guide “Venice Hotels, How Shall I Get There?” to know more details 

Booking Venice Hotels Online: What You Need to Know

Many online deals for Venice hotels are offered by large international companies using an "allotment" system. This means hotels agree to sell a set number of rooms at a discounted rate to these companies in exchange for increased bookings.

When you book online, you'll receive a voucher from the company. This voucher guarantees your reservation at the hotel.

However, some customers have reported issues when calling the hotel directly to confirm their booking, especially during peak season. In these cases, the hotel might deny the validity of the reservation because they would rather sell the room at a higher price.

Here's the important part: If you booked your Venice hotel with a credit card, the reservation is guaranteed. Even if the specific room you booked isn't available, the hotel must find you comparable or better accommodations within Venice.

Tips for a Smooth Stay

  • When you have a voucher, there's no need to confirm by phone.
  • If you do call, clearly state that you understand your rights and the hotel's obligations regarding credit card bookings.

By following these tips, you can avoid any confusion and ensure a smooth check-in at your Venice hotel.