Teatro Goldoni

Corte Teatro 4650/ B, San Marco 30124, Venice

Teatro Goldoni is the oldest of Venice theaters still existing today. This theater and opera house is an integral part of the Venetian culture. Teatro Goldoni has survived fires and multiple reconstructions and still hosts outstanding performances today. 

Getting there

If you check the Venice map, you’ll see that Teatro Goldoni is in the heart of Venice. Located in San Marco, the most famous Venice neighborhood, the theater is unmissable. Teatro Goldoni stands near the famous Rialto Bridge. Getting there with vaporetto is easy; just get off at the Rialto stop. 

History & architecture

Teatro Goldoni is one of the oldest Venice theaters and the oldest still operating today. The inauguration of the theater, built for the Vendramin family, took place in 1622. The initial names were San Salvador, San Luca, and, later on, Apollo Theater. During its existence, the theater suffered fire damage and underwent several restorations and modifications. In 1875, the theater received a new name in honor of the famous Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni. He first appeared in Teatro Goldoni in 1873 with plays in Venetian dialect dealing with various themes of everyday life. With his work, Goldoni changed the European theater scene, its values, and themes. In 1979, Teatro Goldoni underwent another reconstruction. 

Why you should visit

Today, the building of Teatro Goldoni is home to the Teatro Stabile del Veneto. The theater can accommodate up to 800 seats and offers many fantastic theatrical events. It is one of the most active Venice theaters. If you’d like to explore every corner of this great site, take a tour. An audio guide is available, which will guide you through the history and culture of the Venetian theater scene.  

Things to do in the area

Teatro Goldoni has a fantastic location right in the heart of historic Venice. As you’ll see on the Venice map, most of the best Venice attractions are nearby. One thing you can’t miss is St Mark’s Basilica, known for its beauty, glory, and history. You can also explore some Venice museums, like Museo Correr, the Marciana National Library, and the iconic Doge’s Palace. Stop at one of the restaurants or cafes on Piazza San Marco for a relaxing break. After that, continue exploring the city in one of the nearby Venice churches. The area's best-known churches are San Moise, San Zaccaria, and Santa Maria Formosa. If you’d like to see a different side of Venice, head to the Rialto Market. You can taste the local way of life and enjoy authentic Venetian dishes