Burano Itinerary


Burano itinerary, one of the first towns in the lagoon, famous for its air-stitched lace. We suggest you stay a night in Burano if you have time. And once the tourists have left, you'll experience the ancient rhythms of an island of lace-makers and fishermen.

Departure from Fondamente Nove with vaporetto 12 in the direction of Punta Sabbioni. You can also opt for the 4.1 towards Murano and from Murano take the 12. Another option is the Alilaguna green line, which will take you quickly to Murano Burano and other islands.

Once you take the vaporetto and enjoy a 40-minute boat ride through the lagoon, you will reach Burano. 

From the busy Burano landing stage head south on Via Marcello to Fondamente San Mauro. There you will face one of the attractions of Burano and the entire lagoon, the colourful houses. You will see a waterway and lots of colourful houses on the roadside along this watery artery. Then head east and cross the small wooden bridge. Take Via Baldassarre Galuppi, Burano's central artery, with its shops, lace and souvenir stalls and trattorias. With the help of our map, head to one of Burano's most iconic houses, the colourful Casa di Bepi Sua.

 The heart of Burano is Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi with the magnificent crooked bell tower of San Martino Church. Visit the Church of San Martino with works by the likes of Tiepolo, Santacroce and Mansueto inside. Also inside are the remains of the Christian martyr St Barbara. 

Stop for lunch, perhaps in a trattoria serving fish from the Adriatic. We certainly recommend trying the famous Burano doughnuts, the Bussolai Buranei.

After lunch return to Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi and visit the lace museum. Then head for a photo op at Corte Bordoni, which has become a popular spot for Instagram fans.

Walking in Burano is the only way to capture the slow pace of this island of fishermen and lacemakers.  The tour ends with a beautiful walk. Stroll through the shops towards Fondamenta del Pizzo. Once here, head to Tre Ponti and continue to the pier to return to the lagoon.

If you can, try to spend a night in Burano and stay in a colourful historic house. Remember that Burano offers a unique atmosphere at sunset and in the evening.