Venice is one of the most fabulous travel destinations in the world. Hundreds of canals, all connecting to the one and only Grand Canal, make Venice truly unique. With this uniqueness comes a particular way of transportation and getting around the city. Let’s explore all the possibilities and see the best way to get around Venice. 

If you’re wondering how to get to Venice from other Italian cities, you can check our guides on getting to Venice by plane, bus, or train.

Tips & tricks on how to get around Venice

There are a few things to remember when getting around Venice and using public transportation. Buying tickets in advance is much cheaper than buying them on board. In addition, purchasing them beforehand takes away the stress of dealing with it on the spot. 

You can also get one of the Venice city passes as some include a discount on public transport. As Venice has many annual events and festivals, make sure to check the public transport schedule. Some lines might not operate, and some stops can be closed during holidays and celebrations. 

Exploring Venice by foot

The most efficient way to get around Venice is on foot. Most of our Venice itineraries include a lot of walking, too. If your accommodation is in one of the historic Venice neighborhoods, you’ll easily reach all the best Venice attractions on foot. Compared to some European destinations, Venice is a relatively compact city. 

Using a Venice map is a great way to navigate the city’s streets better. Although, sometimes getting lost in Venice pays off, and you can find some hidden gems. Remember that Venice is a city of bridges, and there are lots of them to cross. Some bridges are accessible while others are not. If you are traveling on a budget and would rather stay on the mainland, you must use public transport. 


The buses in Venice are mostly for getting to the historic area from the mainland. There are also some lines operating around Mestre. You can use the buses to get to and from the Marco Polo airport. The arrival and departure are at the Piazzale Roma. From Piazzale Roma you can either walk or take a vaporetto to see the best of Venice


Vaporetto is the most popular type of public transport in Venice. It’s an enormous system connecting all six Venice neighborhoods and the surrounding islands. Vaporetto is best if you want to travel longer distances as sometimes walking from one attraction to the other is more efficient. 

There are 21 lines altogether, and lines 1 and 2 are the most relevant for tourists. They go along the Grand Canal allowing you to explore the best of Venice, including Venice churches and museums

Taking a vaporetto is the best way to explore nearby Venetian islands like Murano, Burano, and Torcello. You can also take a day trip to Lido, escape the crowds and enjoy a day at the beach. 

Line 1 is slower as it stops at almost every stop along the route, while line 2 has fewer stops and is, therefore, quicker. Remember to validate your ticket at the machine next to the vaporetto stop. Without a validated ticket, you might be facing a huge fine.


Only a few people coming to Venice know about the traghetto. It’s a ferry service that crosses the Grand Canal. Used primarily by locals, it’s much cheaper than taking a vaporetto. In addition, it looks like a simpler version of a gondola, which is the ultimate Venice experience.


Like most destinations, there are taxis in Venice. These water taxis are private motorboats and are the most expensive way to get around Venice. Yet, taking a water taxi is the most comfortable way to get from one point to another. It is especially true if you have heavy luggage. One way to cut the costs for the water taxi is to travel with a larger group as they seat up to 10 people.


Gondola is the authentic Venice experience rather than a way of transportation. A gondola ride is a romantic way to explore the beautiful Venice canals. However, a gondola tour can be costly. The prices vary according to the season, but in general, a half-hour ride will cost around 80€ during the day and 100€ at night. Do not hesitate to bargain as eventually the gondolier will give you a better deal. 

There are many ways to get around Venice, depending on your preference, budget, and even length of stay. Whichever way you prefer, visiting Venice is an unforgettable event in any traveler’s life.