Venice Public Toilet

Public Toilets in Venice

Finding a restroom in a new and unfamiliar place is significant. It is especially true for those traveling with children. Venice is a desirable destination, so finding a public toilet can be tricky. Here are a few tips on planning your trip with the utmost comfort.

The Venice map of public restrooms

If you plan an itinerary with our Venice map, search for the public restrooms in advance. Type in "public restroom" or "complete rest area" and mark your best options. The rest areas are ideal for a bathroom break, an on-the-go meal, or a fast refill. You can also use this map of public toilets in Venice, but it might not be up-to-date when you visit. The number of public restrooms is not equal to the number of visitors. That's why don't hesitate to use one once you find it.  

In addition to public toilets, you can always use restrooms in hotels, restaurants, bars, or cafés. Please, don't expect to access the bathroom at a restaurant without buying anything. You'll even need a key or a code to enter the restroom in some places. You can always find decent toilets in most Venice museums. However, you are unlikely to find one in Venice churches

Cost and other things to know about public toilets in Venice

To use a public toilet in Venice, you must pay around 1,5 euros per visit. You'll find an attendant or sometimes a tourniquet at the restroom entrance. That's why it's good to have change on hand, as you'll pay in cash. The Venice public toilets are free of charge for visitors with disabilities. Yet, not all restrooms are accessible. 

The public toilets are open from early morning till around 7 or 8 pm. There may be lines, especially during the high tourist season. You may stumble upon a unisex bathroom with common areas for both men and women. There is no need to worry as the spaces are very discreet. All paid toilets are clean and well-maintained. 

Public toilets for children and nursery rooms

Unfortunately, not all public restrooms in Venice have a changing table. To find one, it's best to visit one of the Venice museums and galleries. The bathrooms there are clean and provide essential utilities for families with kids. For instance, in Ca' Rezzonico, you don't need to buy a ticket to the museum to enter a restroom. You can even find special family-friendly centers in some areas of the city. One place like this is in the Ca' Giustinian building, close to St Mark's Square. There is a soft area for kids to play and a restroom with a changing table.

Most popular public toilets in Venice

Besides using a Venice map, check our list of best-known restrooms in Venice. 

  • Calle Large dell' Ascensione, located close to St Mark's Square
  • at the foot of the Accademia Bridge, near the Accademia Gallery
  • close to the San Marco Giardinetti vaporetto stop
  • near the Rialto Bridge
  • at the Santa Lucia Railway Station (very spacious and clean, and cheaper, too)
  • at Piazzale Roma
  • at Tronchetto parking
  • at Lido
  • near the Arsenal, one of the buildings of the Venice Biennale