How to reach Venice by car

If you like road trips and prefer traveling by car, Italy can be a fantastic place. But what about Venice? Yes, it is possible to travel to Venice by car. But there are a few trips and tricks to consider while planning your trip. Don’t forget to check our Venice map to help you navigate.  

Many people traveling in Italy drive along the famous highway A4. From that highway you’ll reach the Venice Mestre exit, which will take you to the Ponte della Liberta. This is the only road connecting Venice mainland with an island part of the city. From there you can turn to the right and reach Tronchetto island. Or you could go straight and arrive at Piazzale Roma.  

Now, parking in Venice can be somewhat tricky. You can’t use your car in the historical center where the best of Venice is. Therefore, you’ll have to leave your car in one of the parking garages. Then, you can explore the city by foot or on a vaporetto (a water bus). Please, see our article on where to park in Venice for more useful info and details.  

Please, pay attention to the speed limits (they are strict in Italy) and drive safely.