Burano, famous for its colourful houses and lace-making craft, is an island you can't skip during your Venice visit. Burano was originally a fishermen's village, one of the first towns in the Venetian Lagoon

In the 16th century, lace-making made Burano an esteemed destination. Today it's a small Venetian island with less than 3000 residents. In this Burano itinerary, we've covered all the unmissable places and sights. So let's dive in! 

How to get to Burano from Venice?

The best way to get to Burano from Venice is to take a vaporetto. From the central part of Venice, go to Fondamenta Nove or San Zaccaria and take Line 12 towards Punta Sabbioni. You can enjoy a relaxing 45-minute ride.

We recommend buying a public transport pass to get the best value off vaporetto tickets. We've prepared a guide on saving on vaporetto tickets and enjoying Venice in comfort.   

You can also opt for Line 4.1 towards Murano and take Line 12 from there. Another option is the Alilaguna green line, which will quickly take you to Murano, Burano, and other Venice islands. If you travel from Piazzale Roma, catch Line 3 to Murano and change to Line 12 to reach Burano. 

Fondamente San Mauro—the colourful Burano houses

From the busy Burano landing stage, head south on Viale Marcello to Fondamente San Mauro. There awaits one of the prominent attractions of Burano and the entire Venetian Lagoon - the colourful houses. 

It is where you'll find brightly coloured houses along the canal. Appealing and very Instagram-friendly! 

Did you know why the locals painted their houses in various colours? It helped guide the fishermen and sailors coming to Burano. It also allowed people to see where their house ends and the neighbor's starts. All colors follow a specific system, and before repainting, the owners must send an official request to the government.   

Via Baldassarre Galuppi and Casa di Bepi Sua

Once you've taken plenty of pictures of the extraordinary Burano houses, head east and cross a small wooden bridge. You'll arrive on Via Baldassarre Galuppi, Burano's central artery, with shops and trattorias on every corner. We also recommend using our Venice map for uncomplicated navigation or Venice itinerary

Take a turn at Calle del Pistor to see Casa de Bepi Sua, one of Burano's most iconic houses. You'll see over ten different colors and shapes on the house's walls. The former owner, Giuseppe Toselli, a.k.a. Bepi, was an unusual fellow. He used to organize outdoor cinema for locals and liked to bring new colors and shapes to the house. 

San Martino Church

In the heart of Burano, on Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi, is San Martino church's magnificent crooked bell tower. This 53-meter-tall leaning tower is the icon of Burano. You can best view it from the Terranova Marble Bridge or Via Giudecca. 

It's one of the Venice churches with a simple facade but fabulous treasures inside. In this 16th-century church, you'll see Crucifixion by Tiepolo and paintings by artists like Santacroce and Mansueto. Other highlights of San Martino include the remains of Saint Barbara and a beautiful organ. 

Entrance fee: free


We promise you that lunch is one of the highlights of this Burano itinerary. Many outstanding restaurants serve the freshest catch from the Adriatic. 

The best restaurants in the centre of Burano: 

Restaurant Da Primo - tasty dishes made with local products and a great selection of wines

Osteria Al Museo - perfect for aperitivo paired with meat and cheese boards; an elegant spot with high-quality meals

Trattoria da Romano - managed by one family through generations, this restaurant has been on Burano since 1920 and is one of the finest Venice restaurants

A few worthy places nearby:

Osteria Al Fureghin - a cosy place with incredible seafood pasta (and other dishes, too!)

Trattoria al Gatto Nero - located in one of the colourful houses along the canal, it's a Michelin-star restaurant; try their fish broth risotto! 

Riva Rosa - an elegant and luxurious experience in a restaurant with a Michelin star; taste the daily catch or one of their homemade pasta

For dessert, sample the famous Burano cookies or doughnuts called Bussolai Buranei or Bussolà. These are traditional biscuits made with butter, eggs, vanilla, and lemon. They are usually round or shaped like an "S." 

The Venice Lace Museum

After a hearty lunch, continue on Via Galuppi and visit the Venice Lace Museum. It's a small museum with an astonishing collection of over 200 pieces. While exploring this Venice museum, get a glimpse into the history of Burano and the art of lace-making. If you're lucky, you can see local lace makers at work. 

Opening hours: closed on Mondays; Tue - Thu: 10 am - 4 pm; Fr, Sa, Su - 10 am - 5 pm

Entrance fee: 4.5 - 6 EUR

Get the tickets: online or buy the Venezia Unica Pass for Venice museums and churches

After enjoying the museum's collection, visit one of the local lace stores, like Emilia Burano

Take a walk

One way to really enjoy this Burano itinerary is to wander the streets and capture the slower pace of this island. Notice local fishermen, lace makers, and tourists moving around. 

Stroll through the shops towards Fondamenta del Pizzo. Once there, head to Tre Ponti. It is actually one bridge with three arches above the canal. 

Enjoy a drink with a view of the Lagoon

There is nothing like sitting down for a refreshing drink after all the sightseeing. Before we finish our Burano itinerary, check out In Pescaria Vecia. Translated as the Old Fish Market, this local bar offers flavorful drinks and scrumptious cicchetti. An excellent bonus is an exceptional view of the Venetian Lagoon

Where to stay on Burano

If you plan to spend a few days in Venice in Italy, we recommend staying the night in Burano. Visiting this island will be a one-of-a-kind experience once all the tourists have left. 

This way, you can experience the authentic Burano life. Indulge in the unique atmosphere at sunset, late at night, or early morning when streets are clear of tourist crowds. 

There are a few accommodations we recommend on this Burano itinerary: 

Casa Burano - one of the best-known accommodations on Burano; gives you a chance to stay in one of the colorful houses, renovated and well-designed

Tiffany Home - a relatively young place with stylish apartments

Night Galleria - a Burano holiday home, best for families or if traveling with a larger party