Banks ATM and Money Changers

Venice is one of the finest travel destinations in the world. Thousands of visitors come here every year. There are Venice attractions to see, restaurants and bars to visit, and local shops to attend. The truth is, you'll need money for all these things. 

The good news is money is easy to manage in Venice, and here's our Venice money guide (Banks ATM and Money Changers) with local tips & tricks. 

Euro - the official currency in Venice

Euro is Italy's official currency, like most European Union countries. If travelling from outside the Eurozone, plan a currency exchange in advance. You can do it in your home country or on the spot in Venice. Although there are a few, there are still places in Venice that take cash only. Besides, tips in restaurants and cafés are usually in cash.  

Banks and currency exchange offices

Luckily, there are more than enough places for currency exchange in Venice. You can find all of them on our interactive Venice map. You can search for the banks, but the rates are usually lower than Banks ATM s. The Money Changers offices are another solution. 

Yet, the rates are less competitive, and the fees are typically high. We don't recommend Money Changers or withdrawing cash at the airport or a train station. The rates and fees there are unreasonably high. 

Banks ATMs

Carrying a bit of cash in Venice is a good idea. You never know which service or place will require it. The most convenient way to withdraw money is to use an Banks ATM. There are many Banks ATMs throughout the city, and you can find them with the help of our Venice map. Just type in the word "bancomat" and choose the closest one. 

Banks ATMs in Venice accept most foreign cards, mainly Visa or Mastercard. But it's always best to check with your banks before traveling. Some banks may block overseas transactions for security reasons if not informed beforehand. You'll have to identify your card as international at certain ATMs, but that's a standard procedure. 

Venice is mostly a safe city to explore, but with money, you should beware of the scammers! Do not engage with street vendors (Money Changers) offering to exchange money at an attractive rate and low fee. 

Tax-free purchases

When leaving, sometimes you can get a tax return on your purchases in Venice & transaction on Banks ATM. It is valid for those traveling to most non-EU countries. You can find more information on the procedure on our web or HERE