Caffè Florian

Caffè Florian, the most famous Venetian café, sitting with a drink in the Piazza San Marco is as much a part of the Venetian experience as visiting the Basilica or going down the Grand Canal. Café life has been an essential part of the city since the 18th century and remains so today, whether you’re sitting at a table in the sunshine, or relaxing in the warmth of one of the charming rooms in winter.

 Caffè Florian, the most famous Venetian café, is  the most ancient place in Europe to serve coffee andhot chocolate. A popular spot for a discreet rendezvous in Venice since 1720, its orchestra plays a more classical repertoire than the other cafés.

The outside tables are the main attraction, but do walk inside, through the richly-decorated 18th century rooms where Casanova, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens and Woody Allen have all paid too much for a drink.