Gran Caffè Quadri

Founded as early as 1638, not long after the introduction of coffee in Venice, the coffee house known as Il Remedio was purchased in 1775 by Giorgio Quadri, who quickly established it as a popular meeting place that attracted society figures and politicians alike. 

It was the first Venetian café to serve the super-concentrated caffe alla turca, the forerunner of today’s espresso. 

During the Austrian occupation, it was a favourite with officers from the occupying army. The then owners, the Vivarini brothers, sought to win back a Venetian clientele with the opening of the upstairs restaurant rooms and the fashionable redecoration of the café itself. 

Today, the décor remains light, bright, and elegant, with clear colours and charming stucco and fresco decoration. Outside tables give superb views over the Piazza, the perfect place to view the square while listening to the orchestra and enjoying a drink. 

Celebrities have frequented Quadri over the years. Today’s visitors range from Pierce Brosnan, Claudia Schiffer and Brad Pitt, to heavyweight Italian political players such as Silvio Berlusconi and Giulio Andreotti.