Tipping in Venice

Tipping is always a concern for travelers visiting Venice. Too little could be rude, but too much of a tip can seem arrogant. What is the appropriate amount to leave as a tip to show your appreciation for the service provided? Remember that tipping is a personal decision and is not mandatory in Venice. 

Let's look at the local tipping customs. Venetians see tipping as optional. Most people consider good service a standard and leave a tip only if the service is exceptional. Unlike in other countries, like the United States, there is no need to calculate the appropriate percentage from the bill. Tipping should come from the heart as a gesture of appreciation. You're better off tipping based on your gut feeling and a few guidelines below.

Restaurant tipping in Venice

Tipping in Venice restaurants can be very confusing for tourists. Most restaurants charge a 12% service fee called coperto. It literally means "place setting" and adds to your bill the minute you sit down. However, this service charge goes to the establishment rather than the servers' pockets. In Venice, waiting staff get a fixed salary, so tips are a pleasant bonus. 

When a service charge is already a part of your bill, there's no need to leave a tip. But, if you are more than satisfied with the service, leave about 5%-10 % of the bill. It is rare, but if your bill doesn't include a service fee, leave a tip of 12% or more.

It's always good to have some cash when it comes to tipping. You cannot include the tip if you pay for your meal by card. That's why it's essential to always carry cash with you. In this article, we wrote all about money in Venice. 

Venice hotel tipping

You'll find a service staff on every corner of a hotel. People like the concierge, the bellboy, and the cleaning crew are all there to make your stay more comfortable. The hotel concierge will expect €10 - €20 depending on the amount and quality of service in terms of restaurants, taxis, and entertainment arranged. 

Leave the maid about €1 - €2 per day for the standard double occupancy room. Tip room service or the valet €1 unless you're staying in a 5-star expensive hotel, where these tip amounts should double. It is reasonable to tip the doorman €1 for calling a taxi for you. And hotel porters usually receive €3 - €4 for taking your bags to the room.

Tipping for transportation

The chances are you will use some transportation in Venice. Most Venice attractions are easy to reach by foot, especially using our Venice map. However, some destinations require you to take a vaporetto or other means of transport. 

Tipping your taxi driver or gondolier is not customary, but as a token of appreciation, you can round up the fare. Airport and train station porters charge a fixed rate per bag, so additional tipping is unnecessary. There are mixed feelings about tipping the vaporetto driver who helps you take your bags on and off the boat. Locals advise not to tip, while others have given tips of €5 - €10 per couple.

Tipping a tour guide

One of the most convenient and efficient ways to explore Venice is to take a guided tour. On these tours, it is customary to tip your tour guide. In addition to sharing their knowledge, they create intricate Venice itineraries and take you on carefully curated routes. Even if you are on a budget and participate in a free walking tour, leave a tip of €5-€10. 

Leaving a voluntary contribution to the church

Venice churches are a must for anyone visiting Venice. Many are famous for the fantastic architecture, incredible art, and history inside them. Some require a ticket or an entrance fee, like the well-known St Mark's Basilica. At others, the entrance is free, but it's customary to leave a voluntary contribution or a donation to support the church.

There is a fine line between rewarding personnel for excellent attention and service and paying someone simply for being kind. Before you tip in Venice, ask yourself if you're doing it out of obligation or because they went above and beyond to improve your stay in Venice.