Getting Married in the Lagoon

Getting married in the lagoon

Getting married is one of the most important life events for many people. It's an exceptional ceremony meant to be romantic and memorable. What better city to get married in than Venice? Without a doubt, it is the most romantic city in Italy! Millions of people have visited Venice with their better halves, and millions more will continue to do so. Getting married in the Lagoon will be a unique event you'll remember forever. Let's explore what to consider if you want to celebrate your union in Venice. 

Getting to and around Venice

Getting to Venice is fine wherever you're coming from. The city is very accessible, and you can check our guides on traveling to this fantastic city. You can invite as many people as you'd like, as Venice has no shortage of rentals, and getting around the city is easy. Explore our interactive Venice map to plan your stay and make it smooth. 

The best time to get married in Venice 

Naturally, the season you choose to get married in will play an essential role in the ceremony. In spring, you can get married on an iconic gondola and celebrate on a terrace overlooking the Grand Canal. In the fall, you can get married in a Venice church and party in an elegant hotel or a palazzo. Remember to check our Venice season article to learn all the aspects of traveling to Venice throughout the year.

The logistics of getting married in Venice

The best way to make your wedding dreams come true is to choose one of the marriage agencies. They are experts on weddings in Venice and offer packages and tailor-made events. Usually, there are no residency requirements, and the documentation needed is rather simple. Most couples need a document called Nulla Osta for the marriage to be valid anywhere. However, there are nuances based on your nationality, marital status, and sometimes even sex. The wedding planner agency will help you prepare everything in advance. These professionals will also help you stay within the budget. Using their services, you can focus on the joyful part of the wedding and not drown in the logistics. 

Wedding venue in Venice

In Venice, the legal ceremony can take place in the Town Hall or one of the authorized Venice churches. Two of Venice's most famous wedding locations are Ca' Farsetti and Palazzo Cavalli. You can then celebrate at the location of your choice. Trust us that there are endless possibilities in the charming city of Venice! You can choose from dozens of hotels, palaces, and villas. To make your wedding genuinely Venetian, explore delicious Venetian dishes and organize a fine aperitif with cicchetti and prosecco. 

Local artisans for your Venice wedding

When it comes to a wedding, the possibilities are limitless, and you can let your fantasy run wild. To make your special event even more extraordinary, turn to the local craftsmen from the Lagoon. You can find anything in Venice, from handmade gifts to photographs to wedding gowns! These professionals pour their hearts into their work and are the new heirs to the ancient arts of Venetian parties. Trust these experts to help make your dream wedding in Venice a reality.