When to visit Venice and what to bring

Venice is a unique travel destination. Many travelers have this beautiful city on their travel bucket list. Venice consists of 118 islands and has six historic neighborhoods (sestieri) to explore. Besides a terrific city experience, the islands around Venice also have a lot to offer. So what's the best time to visit Venice? How can you truly enjoy all the best Venice attractions?

Visiting Venice in the summer

Most people come to Venice during summer, a.k.a. la bella stagione. From June to August, you'll see crowds of tourists. Some of them come to swim and enjoy the warm sea. Although it might be a perfect time to have a seaside vacation, the weather in the city can be scorching. Yet, August is the busiest month for Venetians working in the hospitality niche. 

Visiting Venice in the spring or fall

Keeping that in mind, an excellent time to visit Venice is in spring, especially in April or May. The weather in Venice is delightful at this time. Moreover, the number of tourists is less overwhelming than in the summer months. You can also enjoy the beauty of Venice in September or October. 

An unusual time to see Venice is in November, the time of fog and high water, a.k.a. aqua alta. High water can be a problem for some visitors, but in reality, it lasts only a few hours. The municipality prepares the city streets with raised walkways and temporary vaporetto routes. 

Visiting Venice in the winter

Another fantastic option is visiting Venice during Christmas. It is a powerful and unforgettable experience. Seeing the city adorned with festive decorations is very exciting. At this time, wandering the streets of Venice feels like a fairy tale. 

Visiting Venice during special events

If you want to get the best of Venice, try arriving during one of the annual events. The most famous occasions are the Venice Carnival and the Venice Biennale. Of course, there are also many other festivities throughout the year. It is a special time for locals and a chance for tourists to take in authentic Venice culture. 

Few things to keep in mind

No matter how many days you'd like to stay in Venice, it's always best to plan your trip. We offer a user-friendly interactive Venice map to help you navigate the city. It gives you information on all the best things Venice offers. It can also help you create a unique route, ideal just for you. You can also book tours in advance and use the city passes

To have a smooth and stress-free trip to Venice, keep it light. Try to limit your luggage and take only the bare essentials. The transportation in Venice is different than in many European destinations. That's why bringing heavy luggage may be a complication. A solution is to opt for a private water taxi or a porter, but these services are costly.