Chiesa di San Vidal


Would you like to visit a theater in one of Venice's churches? In Chiesa di San Vidal, an event and concert hall, you can enjoy a magnificent performance in a unique ambiance. The church is not open for worship and is now a venue for Interpreti Veneziani, who perform the Four Seasons by Vivaldi and other concerts for musical enthusiasts of Venice. 

Getting to the venue

Chiesa di San Vidal is a part of the San Marco neighborhood of Venice. It is the most popular city district offering the best of Venice. The venue stands on Campo Santo Stefano, close to the Ponte dell'Accademia, which connects to the artsy Dorsoduro. Take a look at our Venice map for better navigation around the city. You can walk here if you'd like to visit the venue after exploring St. Mark's Basilica. It takes less than 15 minutes. And if you prefer a vaporetto, the closest stop is the Accademia. From there, you cross the bridge over the Grand Canal and reach the church. 

History of the church

The original church emerged in 1084 under Doge Vitale Falier. But in 1105, like many other churches in Venice, San Vidal was destroyed by the famous Venice fire. There were reconstructions in the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1696, the church honored Doge Francesco Morosini for his victory over the Turkish enemies. The latest design is the work of Antonio Gaspari, who gained inspiration from one of the Roman churches. You can see the sculptures of Doge Carlo Contarini and his wife Paolina on the facade. These are the works by Andrea Tirali. Although the original structure didn't survive, the initial 29-meter bell tower did, primarily due to several restorations.  

Inside the church

Most people come to San Vidal for impeccable music performances and end up enjoying the artwork. The point of interest is the main altar. It features a 1514 painting of San Vidal on Horseback by Vittore Carpaccio. Nearby are the two marble statues designed by the Italian sculptor Antonio Gai. Visitors can also enjoy paintings by Sebastiano Ricci, Giulia Lama, and Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. In addition to the artworks, the venue has a collection of historical musical instruments and a burial site of Baldassarre Galuppi. 

Things to do in the area

The location of Chiesa di San Vidal is perfect whether you’d like to explore churches or museums. Not far from San Vidal are the La Finice Theatre, historic Scala Contarini del Bovolo, and Palazzo Grassi. And if you cross the bridge to Dorsoduro, you’ll see the famous Accademia Gallery. There are also a few major Venice churches in the area, like San Moise, Saint Barnabas, and Santa Maria della Salute