Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo

June 29th is the day Italy celebrates the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. It is a major holiday and one of the significant Venice annual events. On this day, people celebrate Peter and Paul, patron saints of Rome, who are crucial characters for the Catholic church. 

In Venice, it is one of the Venice annual events appreciated mainly by locals and less by tourists. However, if you do become a part of Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo, you are in for a treat! Come with an appetite and prepare for an exciting agenda and festival games. Celebrating this festival is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the life of the Venetians.

Getting there

Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo occurs in a grassy square before the former Venice cathedral, Church of San Pietro di Castello. Castello is a unique area to explore and is one of Venice's neighborhoods least frequented by tourists. The church stands on the Olivolo island, near San Pietro Bridge and San Pietro di Castello vaporetto stop.

Why you should experience Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo?

The celebration of Festa di Santi Pietro e Paolo resembles a village fete, with both young and old enjoying themselves. During the festival, you'll see food stalls and markets offering local produce. The Venice annual event focuses on long-standing Venetian traditions, such as Venetian recipes, markets, and classic wines. In recent years, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul received a slight upgrade with the music of 60s and 70s bands. 

If you are in Venice in Italy on the last day of June, we recommend joining locals at a crowded Bingo game. It takes place in front of the Church of San Pietro di Castello, and admission is free. However, remember to take some cash for the bingo card. 

Things to do in the area

The celebration takes place at San Pietro di Castello, one of the best-known Venice churches. So let's explore what else is there to do in the area! Use the interactive Venice map to find all the attractions with utmost convenience. If you want to explore Venice churches further, it's best to head west to San Marco. There you'll find well-known locations like San Zaccaria and Chiesa della Pietà

But if you'd like to stay in Castello, the closest attraction is the Arsenal. What used to be a naval base is now the main venue for the Venice Biennale. You can also relax in the Biennale Gardens or Giardini della Biennale. About 10 minutes from there is the Naval History Museum, where you can attend an exhibition of ancient and modern vessels used by the Venetian Republic and the Italian Navy.