Fondamenta delle Zattere is a sunny promenade overlooking the Giudecca Canal. Locals and guests of Venice love it for the space and the peaceful, joyful vibe. It’s the best place for the passeggiata (the late afternoon stroll) and some people-watching. Here you will experience authentic Venice and see why Zattere is one of the best Venice attractions.

Getting there

On the Venice map, you’ll find Zattere on the southern side of Dorsoduro. It’s almost 2km long and runs from Punta della Dogana in the East to the Stazione Marittima in the West. There is a vaporetto stop of the same name, so you can get here quickly from any part of Venice. 

History & why you should visit

Fondamenta delle Zattere was completed in 1516. It was the arrival place for most goods brought to Venice on the rafts (or zattere in Italian), hence the name. Here you can unwind and relax. There are lots of bars and restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat and have a nice drink. On Zattere, you’ll find the best ice cream in Venice at Nico’s. Around the sunset, sit on one of the benches and enjoy the view of the Giudecca island skyline. 

Things to do in the area

In this area, you’ll find the finest Venice churches and museums. You can start with Punta della Dogana, an engaging modern art museum, and Santa Maria della Salute. Then continue to explore Gesuati and Chiesa di San Sebastiano. You can also see the beautiful Redentore, located on Giudecca island. If you want to explore more art, there’s no better place on the Venice map than Dorsoduro. Not far from Zattere, you’ll find Accademia Gallery and Peggy Guggenheim Collection.